Two Locations!

We now have two locations- Athens which opened on September 20th 2013, and Dacula which opened March 20th 2018. Our Athens location offers farm fresh produce along with casseroles, soups, jams, pickles, boiled peanuts, and much more. Dacula offers the same items excluding the farm fresh produce. Booth location offer weekly baskets of fresh produce. Details are posted every Tuesday on our Facebook pages – Athens is @oparobbysmarket and Dacula is @omasandopasdacula. If you would like to order or reserve anything we offer please text OMA at 770-633-7406. This includes specific casseroles or other cooked items. Our selection in the stores changes as Oma cooks everyday, but if you need a specific casserole please be sure to plan ahead and text Oma.

We look forward to your visit. Oma and Opa


FOOD that creates MEMORIES that last a LIFEtime